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The piano is a brilliant instrument which can produce beautiful sounds that can reach listeners on a deeply emotional level. If you own or play a piano, you know how important proper tuning and service is to creating good sounding music. Over time, the environment and how a piano is constructed affect how well it functions - it begins to stray in and out of tune, keys become sticky, pedals malfunction, and so on. 

Our family-run business provides customized piano tuning for your instrument, based on computer analysis of the inherent inharmonicity of your specific piano, producing the finest tuning results available. This simply means that not only will your piano be "in tune", it will also be harmonically in tune with itself, providing the absolute best listening and playing experience. 

Whether you are a concert pianist or a parent enrolling a child in piano lessons, Johnston Piano Tuning, LLC will tune, clean, service, or repair your piano so that it plays beautifully and produces the finest sound possible.

  • We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to ensure 100% Client Satisfaction. 
  • Insured. Often overlooked, when working on instruments whose value can exceed $100,000 it is vital the technician be insured.
  • Punctuality. We value your time and will make every effort to arrive for your scheduled appointment on time and efficiently complete the scheduled work.

Our Services & Approach 

We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with an honest commitment to do the best possible work at an affordable cost. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to ensure 100% Client Satisfaction. 

On-Time piano tunings and repairs right to your front door. Tuned by a professional musician.

Johnston Piano Tuning Services.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship to everyone who enlists our services. To accomplish this, Jack will begin by assessing the condition of the piano in order to determine the services needed to meet your goals and to achieve the best possible results for your particular piano.

Piano Tuning  

Fine piano tuning is a combination of technical and artistic skill. Becoming a highly skilled piano technician is much like becoming a highly skilled musician.  It takes knowledge, practice, and experience. With over 200 strings in your piano, each at over 100 pounds of tension, tuning your instrument frequently will ensure that it remains at the factory prescribed level, typically A 440.  

It is a preventative maintenance.  


Pitch Adjustment or Pitch Raise   

A piano that has been recently moved or neglected for a long time might not initially be able to accommodate a standard tuning service.  Bringing a piano in this condition up to pitch will add thousands of pounds of additional tension, requiring extra time and expense to accomplish. In the worst cases it may require another visit within a short amount of time before being stable.



A properly regulated piano produces:

  • A keyboard that feels uniform from note to note.
  • A keyboard that is responsive to rapid-fire fingerings and clean phrasings.
  • A keyboard that commands a broad dynamic range.
  • A keyboard that allows the player to express themselves completely.

 What is involved in a piano regulation? (Partial List)

  • Alignments - Strings to hammers; whippens to knuckles; jacks in windows; jacks to knuckles; repetition lever height; back checks to hammers.
  • Blow distance, let off, drop, back check, butterfly springs, and after touch set.
  • Tune - Pitch set to A 440 (if possible).
  • Regulate Back Action - Check damper lift off key sticks; check damper timing and lift off tray; adjust lost motion in damper pedal.
  • Regulate Shift/Soft Pedal.
  • Regulate Sostenuto Function and Pedal.



Every piano has its own unique tonal characteristics. Many of those qualities are due to the engineering in the scale and sound board design. However, it is your piano’s hammers that permit these integral designs to bloom. The hammers are one of the major components that give a piano its own distinctive voice. Voicing involves the manipulation of hammer felt and other mechanical components in order to build and optimize the tonal spectrum inherent in the piano.  If when speaking to your technician you mention that your piano sounds too bright, dark, loud, soft, sharp, dull, brittle, deep, woody, uneven, or dead you could benefit from voicing.


Piano Repairs

A Partial List of Typical Repairs for Grands and Uprights:

  • Broken Strings – Splicing & Replacing.
  • Sticky Keys.
  • Sluggish Action Parts.
  • Loose Action Parts.
  • Fractured Key Sticks.
  • Hammer Reshaping.
  • Broken or Problematic Hammer Shanks.
  • Noises – Buzzes, Rattles, and Clicks Diagnostics.
  • Pedal Issues – Damping, Shifting, Sostenuto, and Pedal Trap.
  • Damper Troubles - After-ring, Swooshing, Over Damping.
  • Malfunctioning Notes.
  • Glue Joint Failure.
  • Artist Bench Problems.
  • Full Service Visits Available.


Piano Cleaning

Over the years, pianos – like other valuable furniture – collect dust. However, pianos are much more difficult to clean than normal household items. Properly cleaning the piano not only requires the correct tools, but the expertise and knowledge to do so. The end result is a longer life and a fuller, more beautiful sound from the instrument. Whether simply cleaning the keys, or a deep cleaning involving removing cabinet parts, action and keys, we have the level of cleaning that is right for you and your piano.


Jack Johnston

Owner, Operator, Technician

Jack is a piano tuner-technician who strives to help individuals and institutions realize the full potential of their instruments.  He knows that there is more to maintaining a quality piano than just tuning. He is dedicated to producing the best sound, look, and feel for his clients.

Jack tunes, cleans, and services pianos throughout the Columbus and Central Ohio area and makes basic piano repairs. He is a fully-qualified (Randy Potter School of Piano Technology), full-time piano technician and an Associate Member of the Piano Technician's Guild. He has a musical background and plays multiple instruments.

Technical Training & Experience 

  • Trained and experienced in electrical engineering technology. 
  • Understands musical needs of a well maintained tuned piano. 
  • Creator and Publisher with ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Performers).
  • Trained in piano technology, tuning, repair, and maintenance. 
  • Certified installer of Dampp Chaser humidity control systems for pianos. 
  • Over 4 decades experience in the music industry.

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